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Most people would probably agree that the world is not as simple as it used to be. This is certainly true in the business world. Technology, glob al competition, diverse client bases, and changing trends have all brought new challenges that were unimaginable just a few decades ago. In this "Information Age," web presence is everything. Your website is your public face, the first impression that most customers will have of your business, and the quality and look of your website can make the difference between a casual visitor and a long-term customer.

With website and design technology expanding exponentially, it's a full time job just to keep up with new advances. That's where we come in. At Atlantic Studios, it's our job to stay ahead of the curve with the latest technologies, techniques, and trends, so that you can focus on other aspects of your business. We offer a vast array of services that goes beyond the scope of most web design firms: 3D development, domain registration, E newsletters and invitations, hosting solutions, website design and development, real estate web design, and online advertising. In addition to top website design and development services, we can also provide you with fully integrated marketing and communications campaigns, logo and brand design, photography, TV and video production, and all types of print media design.

We offer the widest range of multimedia services available, which means increased efficiency, consistency, and unity of creative vision. It all begins with just an email or phone call to Atlanticstudio.ca.

Greg Fisher, Canada Web Designer | Real Estate Web Design Expert

Atlantic Studio is a world-class Halifax web design company that is led by Greg Fisher, an award winning Canada web designer who has established himself as an icon in the world of real estate web design, integrated business marketing, and visual media.

His experience has earned his involvement in several international awards for design, including the 2008 CNBC Arabian Property Award for "Best Property Marketing" and the 2005 Bentley International Property Award for "Best Property Portal." He was also nominated in 2008 for the CNBC Arabian Property Award for "Best Developer Website." Greg developed a particular talent for real estate website design and marketing after working for three years in the aggressive Dubai, UAE market as the Media Manager for Shaikh Holdings, but he has repeatedly proven himself as a modern Renaissance Man, demonstrating design mastery in a wide variety of fields, from 3D property visuals and TV / Video production to multi-faceted multimedia marketing campaigns and all aspects of print media design and production.

Greg personally oversees every project, so customers can be assured that each aspect of their design and marketing campaign will receive expert attention. Greg's leadership and expertise has propelled Atlantic Studio to the top of the Halifax web design list, and a wide spectrum of businesses across Canada and abroad have come to depend upon Atlantic Studio for interactive media, Search Engine Optimization, photography, logo creation and branding, 3D graphics, and all manner of design creation.

Clients who have worked with Atlantic Studio have learned the full value of Greg's rare combination of personal passion and technical expertise.

Contact Greg at Atlantic Studio today at greg@atlanticstudio.ca or call directly at +1 902 430 7334.



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